CEV Cup, Modena meltdown in the first leg of the final

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Valsa Group Modena-Knack Roeselare 0-3 (21-25; 23-25; 21-25)

A night to forget for Valsa Group Modena in the CEV Cup first leg final. Giani’s men were defeated with a net 0-3 by the Belgian Knack Roeselare at PalaPanini.

Modena starts with the sextet composed of Bruno-Lagumdzija in the main diagonal, Ngapeth-Rinaldi in the band, Stankovic-Sanguinetti in the center with Rossini free. Roeselare starts with D’Hulst at setter, Koukartsev opposite, Rotty-Verhanneman in place 4, Coolman-Fasteland at center and Deroey libero. Point-to-point start to the first leg Cev Cup final with the Belgians going on 8-9. Roeselare goes to 11-13 with Koukartsev in the lead. It goes to 15-19 Knack with the 100 fans who arrived from Belgium making themselves heard. Roeselare closes 21-25 in the first partial. In the second set it is Rinaldi who sounds the charge, Modena goes up 8-7. Roeselare takes over the set, shifts gears and goes to 14-17. The Belgians do not stop, 19-22 and Modena trying to take back the partial. Roeselare closes the set 23-25,it is 2-0. In the third partial we go immediately to 4-7 Roeselare. Modena rears its head again with Ngapeth placing 10-9. The Knack resumes its march going 13-15 then it is Lagumdzija point. Roeselare runs away and closes 21-25 the third set and 0-3 the match.

Now the Emilians will play it all in Belgium in the return match, scheduled for Wednesday, April 5, at 8:30 p.m.

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