Kim Min-jae in the storm, his words.

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Kim Min-jae in the storm, his words.

In recent days Kim Min-jae has come under fire for words uttered after the match with Uruguay. “I’m tired, I want to focus on Napoli,” the phrase that sparked the ire of South Korean fans.

Through a long post on Instagram, the Napoli central apologized: “I’m sorry that players and fans may have misunderstood my words. I am a representative player for this national team and I never took it for granted even when I was not at my best physically or had to travel across the world to answer a call. I broke down mentally and lashed out. I apologize again and ask all the fans to always support us.”

Kim Min-jae is among the protagonists of Napoli’s spectacular season: the defender is delivering true leading performances despite only arriving in the summer. Paris Saint Germain has its eye on him and will most likely try to buy him in June.

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