F1, Ferrari: Carlos Sainz candid about the Redhead’s ambitions

©Getty Images

Carlos Sainz doesn’t want to make promises

Carlos Sainz will start from the fifth box on the grid in the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix to be run on Sunday’s Italian morning. A result that puts him two positions ahead of teammate Charles Leclerc and two behind a potential podium finish, to which the Spaniard aspires without making promises, however.

“I hope that the clean side of the grid will give me a bit of an advantage at the start,” the Spaniard said, speaking to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport.’ “The problem is that I will find myself on the outside at the first corner, it will be hard. The podium? No one is as fast as Red Bull, we are playing it with Mercedes and Aston Martin: they are both very fast, in Jeddah Mercedes was faster in the race than everyone thought. We drivers of these three teams are all close, I hope to have a good race.”

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