Nicola Pietrangeli exposes himself on Jannik Sinner and Italian tennis

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Nicola Pietrangeli confident about Jannik Sinner

During an interview with “” microphones, Nicola Pietrangeli returned to talk about Jannik Sinner and the current level of Italian tennis. “For us it was lucky that Jannik chose Tennis instead of Skiing. We have to hold on to him as well as all the other little boys (Berrettini and Musetti above all) who are doing very well. It would be stupid to be jealous of someone who might become stronger than you.

Before Monte Carlo I predicted that Sinner would be in the top five in the world by 2024. Now I think he has the capacity to achieve this as early as the end of 2023,” said the former tennis player.

“Now it’s time for the men. There is no school, but it’s all about luck. The only ones who have always maintained continuity over time are the Spanish. Thanks to their winning mentality they have always been competitive in sports. The level reached by Carlos Alcaraz in such a short time is a clear example of that,” Pietrangeli added.

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