Roberto De Zerbi pushes Inter and Roma away

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Roberto De Zerbi pushes Inter and Roma away

Brighton coach Roberto De Zerbi to the microphones of Sportmediaset spoke about his experience in the Premie League: “I am looking forward to playing the FA Cup semifinal against Manchester United, I will try to enjoy this day tomorrow at Wembley. I am lucky to be working here. I found a group of players already used to playing with courage, already used to changing form within the match and then of course I put a little bit of my own into it because it’s clear that I struggle to ape the others.”

On rumors of a possible return to Italy: “My story tells: I don’t move depending on important requests or not. Inter or Roma? I have not spoken with anyone, but I think that at this moment for my path, for my life, it is important to stay here. I had to leave Shakhtar after eight months of work and I did it begrudgingly and to leave Brighton after the same amount of time would feel like not completing the job. My will is to stay, then I’ll have to talk to the club and confront each other to understand what they expect, what they want, what their ambitions are.”

“The Premier League I think is the best league in Europe in general. Serie A is very tactical and very difficult to prepare for because of the tactical difficulties. The German league is also very tactical and with many good coaches while the French league is very physical. The English one is a combination of everything, it is a very physical league where there are very strong players, the best players around. You find teams that are tactically prepared and difficult to play against like Arsenal, City, Liverpool, Aston Villa or Fulham.”

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