Ilary Blasi, a predictable Tapiro arrives after gaffe. And there are soothing words for Francesco Totti

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Striscia la notizia will talk about the Isola dei Famosi hostess

“I don’t like normals.” Thus Ilary Blasi during the debut episode of L’Isola dei famosi. A gaffe that, added to the long-distance bickering with ex Francesco Totti, obviously led to the Mediaset hostess being handed the Striscia la notizia Golden Tapiro, the eighth of her career.

Staffelli asks if she really changed the locks on the villa in Eur to keep the former Francesco Totti from entering. “Francesco can enter whenever he wants, the house is always open,” the host clarifies. “And with his new partner, German Bastian Muller, what language does he communicate in?” the Striscia correspondent asks her. Blasi admits that she doesn’t know German and speaks a “macaronic” English. Will they understand each other with looks?

Full report Monday on Striscia la notizia (Channel 5, 8:35 p.m.).

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