NBA: sprint win for Golden State, New York shines

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Good Boston flying to 3-1 with Atlanta

Lots of excitement on NBA night. Golden State risks but takes home Game 4 against Sacramento (126-125) and brings the series back to a perfect tie (2-2). The Curry-Poole-Thompson trio was decisive, finishing with 80 points overall. At the buzzer, former Barnes’ triple of possible victory is printed on the iron. Excellent performance, in a Kings jersey, by Fox (38 points).

New York continues to fly, disposing again of Cleveland (102-93) and thus taking a 3-1 lead in the series. Boston also did well: 129-121 against Atlanta in Game 4 (31 points by Tatum and Brown). Now the Celtics are ahead 3-1. Finally, pride reaction of Minnesota who, after an overtime, knock out Denver (114-108). Series at 3-1 for the Nuggets.

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