David Logan in Cantù, Roberto Allievi reveals the background of the transfer-lampo

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Roberto Allievi explains Logan’s transfer to Cantù

Arriving like a bolt out of the blue on Tuesday, the news of David Logan’s lightning transfer from Scafati to Cantù sparked debate among basketball fans.

Roberto Allievi, through a note published jointly by the club of which he is president, Pallacanestro Cantù, and the one that Logan helped save, Scafati Basket, explained how the transaction came to fruition: “It was a telephone conversation in which I first of all addressed to President Longobardi congratulations for the salvation acquired with great merit, a historic result full of sporting and social content. The negotiation to secure the performance of David Logan, following the preparatory steps of our General Manager Sandro Santoro, was concluded during the same phone call.”

“My personal thanks, and that of all of Pallacanestro Cantù, to Nello Longobardi who, with great sensitivity and generosity, gave the go-ahead for Logan’s transfer and without any financial demands as a testimony to the mutual esteem and respect that exists personally between us and between our Companies. I would add that an important role, in the decisions taken by President Longobardi, was also played by Pino Sacripanti who has demonstrated, for the umpteenth time and if there was still a need, a great attachment to the colors of Pallacanestro Cantù and our entire territory,” concluded the number one of the Brianza-based club.

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