Inter Milan, Romelu Lukaku ready for another effort to stay

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Since April, no one has done better in Serie A than the Belgian

Right at the end, after tribulated months, Lukaku returned to dominating as he did in his first Inter Milan adventure. Since April, no one has done better than the Belgian in Serie A: five goals and four assists. Back to his level, now the striker wants to convince Inter to confirm him for next season as well.

The Belgian would be willing, as reported by multiple media outlets, to further reduce his salary in order to stay at Inter. He already did it last summer, he could do it again during next summer. He is comfortable in Milan, the Nerazzurri side, and has no intention of returning to Chelsea. Now it will be up to the clubs to find an agreement. The first contacts would already be there but the understanding would still be lacking. The player’s will is clear: he only wants Inter.

Nerazzurri ad Marotta, on Lukaku’s possible reappointment, said there are six chances out of 10 that he will stay. Not a lot but not little either.

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