Novak Djokovic clarifies on Covid and Australia

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The words of Novak Djokovic

Long interview with Corriere della Sera for Novak Djokovic who wanted to finally clarify: “I am not no vax and I have never said in my life that I am. I am not even pro vax. I am pro choice: I defend freedom of choice. It is a fundamental human right to have the freedom to decide what things to inoculate one’s body and what not. I explained this once to the BBC, on my return from Australia, but they removed many sentences, the ones that were not convenient. So I never talked about it again.”

“What was the place they held me in like? A prison. I couldn’t open the window. I stayed less than a week, but I found boys, war refugees, who had been there for a very long time. My case served to shed light on them, almost all of them were released, and that was a comfort to me. One young Syrian had been there for nine years,” he added, “Now he’s in America, when I come back this summer I want to find him and invite him to see me at the Us Open; I feel connected to him as well. The Australian judge granted my appeal, but the Immigration Minister, who has the power to deport whoever he wants without reason, deported me. I, however, did not violate the rules. I entered Australia with the necessary and correct documents, as the magistrate of the first trial acknowledged.”

“I had had Covid and was cured. I complied with all the rules and did not endanger anyone. Yet once there I became a political case, someone who was endangering the world. The system, of which the media is a part, demanded a target, one that was opposed to the mainstream; and I became one. They put the label of no vax on me, something completely false, which even now makes me sick to my stomach,” concluded the Serbian tennis player. “Then it turned out that the pandemic situation was very different from how it was presented. Now the World Health Organization has written that the virus is no longer so serious, that it is part of all the viruses we have….”

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