Jannik Sinner warns rivals: ‘I will raise the bar’

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Jannik Sinner warns rivals, “I will raise the bar.”

Jannik Sinner in a press conference at the Rome Internationals described his moment after the match against Alexander Shevchenko, which ended in three sets. “I did not play perfectly but these matches have to be won somehow. I have the qualities from one day to the next to raise the level, I have shown that in the past, for example in Miami where the first round I didn’t play very well and then I did well. Let’s see how I will react,” are the words of the Blue taken by Ubitennis.

Sinner highlighted his growth in volleys: “I think I have improved them so much, now I don’t want to say what ranking level I am at, but maybe in the top 15/20 in volleying I am there. I have to do a lot of repetitions; even in the match when there is tension sometimes it escapes me, like maybe others escape the forehand or the backhand. Then from there on I went a little less forward, and if I have to say one thing I could have done better is just to go for the point at the net, even though I was making mistakes.”

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