Farewell to Maurizio Pavia, great racket master

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Farewell to Maurizio Pavia

Pillar of strength and historic teacher: this was Maurizio Pavia. national teacher and a true institution of Padua and Italian tennis; first as a player (ranked B1 and very talented) and then as a coach of many young athletes in the area.

A very long career on the courts, with many and great satisfactions: the presidency of the AIMAT Veneto Association (the very first institution dedicated to professional tennis masters), the regional direction of the entire FIT Veneto masters sector, and a boundless love for his city, Padua, so much so that he turned down the offer from the Italian Tennis Federation, (as soon as the masters school in Rome was over) to direct the entire sector at the national level.
Maurizio chose to return to Padua and develop the youth tennis sector there: first at the Centro Sportivo 2000, then at the Padua Tennis Club, finally returning permanently to the Centro Sportivo 2000, his true home.

So many athletes of all categories coached by him and so many good memories uniting all his students.
Humanity, kindness, passion and innate elegance have always distinguished Master Maurizio from the very first years of playing and teaching.

A master not only on the tennis court but also in human relations, loved also by the many colleagues scattered all over Italy who over the years have crossed racket with him and were able to discuss tennis, experiences, everyday life and life.

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