Spal, Francesco Colombarini makes no dramas about relegation

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The words of Francis Colombarini

Former Spal owner Francesco Colombarini made some statements to ‘Il Resto del Carlino’ about the relegation of the Estense club to Serie C. “To tell the truth, I did not expect relegation, however, it must also be said that these are situations that can happen,” he admitted. “I feel like saying not to make a drama out of it, both on the part of the fans and the ownership, in soccer you win and you lose, and it will happen again that SPAL will win. There is no need to lose confidence and courage even if there is so much disappointment and bitterness right now.”

So he is convinced that the president of the biancazzurri, Joe Tacopina, will stay: “For me it will all come together again, I hope it will. I think Joe will stay, also because he owns SPAL and has invested more than 25 million euros in it…. I don’t see where he could go. The contestation he received was in the air, with such a result obtained by the team it was imaginable that it would happen.”

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