Ducati, Poncharal slams Pecco Bagnaia: “What the … he said.”

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Ducati, Poncharal slams Pecco Bagnaia: “What a… he said.”

Gas Gas Tech3 team boss Herve Poncharal responded harshly to Pecco Bagnaia, who suggested on the sidelines of the Le Mans Grand Prix that a wider gap between factory bikes and those of satellite teams would be better for MotoGp.

“I was very surprised, because I respect and respect him, but he said a huge bullshit – are the words of Poncharal to Paddock-GP.com -. When he came to MotoGP he was very happy to have a high-performance bike that allowed him to get noticed and then to move to the factory team.”

“He also benefited from this system in a satellite team, so I was surprised to read that he would like 6-7 tenths of a gap,” Poncharal continued. So only the rich and powerful would enjoy it.”

He continued, “We independent teams have worked a lot with Dorna, FIM and MSMA to have a competitive grid, convincing the manufacturers to give us high-performance bikes. We managed to get almost all the bikes to become official. It’s great for everyone.”

Venomous closing from the KTM boss: “When you are world champion, you have to turn your tongue seven times before you say something stupid. He said a huge stupid thing.”

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