Torino, English sirens for one of Ivan Juric’s starters

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Torino, Premier League calls Alessandro Buongiorno

One of the goals for Torino, in view of the upcoming soccer market session, will certainly be to try to retain most of the members of the squad in order to give continuity to Ivan Juric’s technical project. However, the management will be called upon to perform a task that is not easy, as more and more clubs would be coming forward for several players, Schuurs and Ricci above all.

In addition to the two mentioned above, according to “La Repubblica,” another name that has attracted the attention of several clubs would be Buongiorno, a defender born in 2000 and captain of the Granata. On the player there would be in strong pressure several Premier League clubs.

Torino and Ivan Juric, for their part, would not want to deprive themselves of the player, but should an irrenounceable offer arrive, the situation could change.

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