Olimpia Milano, Shabazz Napier is candid about his Milan adventure

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Olimpia Milano, Shabazz Napier is candid about the team’s change since his arrival

On the eve of the third act of the series against Pesaro, which is valid for the first round of the playoffs, Olimpia Milano guard Shabazz Napier spoke to the microphones of “Eurohoops” about his impact since his arrival at the Red Shoes in January.

“It’s crazy because I think I’m given too much credit for the change. This team was already talented before I arrived. The one thing I conveyed is the calmness and experience of someone who has not lost too many games in his career. I arrived with enthusiasm and I think that’s the most important thing I brought to my teammates,” said the former Portland Trail Blazers point guard.

“It’s a good situation. I think I came in at a delicate time for Olimpia, where we needed someone to convey confidence to the rest of the teammates. Hopefully we can bring home the title-it’s going to be tough, but it’s exciting to play for something important at the end of the season,” added Shabazz Napier.

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