Torino, bad news for Ivan Juric: ransom issue gets complicated

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Torino, moving toward the redemption of only one of Vlasic and Miranchuk

One of the goals in Torino will surely be to define the future of those players on loan who have performed well, Vlasic and Miranchuk above all. The Granata management would already be working to satisfy the demands of coach Ivan Juric.

However, according to reports from “Tuttosport,” the chances of the Piedmontese club redeeming both trequartisti would be very remote due to the high costs of the operations (about 24 million euros in total). Ds Vagnati, in fact, would have lined up relations with West Ham to try to snatch a discount on the 13 million euros agreed for the purchase of the Croatian.

New meetings with both Atalanta and the Hammers are expected in the coming weeks, but in all likelihood Torino will purchase only one of the two.

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