Mattia Casse and the passion on two wheels

©Getty Images

Mattia Casse at the Giro

Blue Fiamme Oro downhill racer Mattia Casse will be one of the guests at the Giro d’Italia on Sunday, May 21 at the finish in Bergamo.
“For me, cycling is a passion born from a long time ago,” he said, “My father passed it on to me, he also used to race bikes, he did some little races. For me, cycling has become a training method as well as a real passion.”

“I went to see on Zoncolàn several times the Giro when Basso had won, I saw several times the start of the Giro, but not only that, also the Tour de France, the Tour of Lombardy. I am a fan of this world. I like to struggle, so I find myself in it a lot.”

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