Verona overturned, trio of Atalanta

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Atalanta-Verona 3-1

Gasperini’s Atalanta returns to victory, three golden points in the key-Europa League even if they are now in the Champions zone. It rules 3 to 1 a Zaffaroni’s Verona, immediately leading with Lazovic, reached by the Orobici with Zappacosta’s goal, then Montipò’s duck at the beginning of the second half opened to Pasalic’s lead, Hojlund’s tris, finally two resounding Gialloblù posts. But it ended after 95 minutes: 3 to 1.

Start and immediately Hellas takes the lead: Lazovic surprises Dea, 0 to 1. Immediate Bergamasque reaction, Gialloblù crushed, here’s the (well-deserved) equalizer by Atalanta, which continues to keep the Gialloblù in apprehension. Crucial match for both: Atalanta aiming for Europa League qualification, Hellas desperate for salvation points. Atalanta free kick: Montipò miracle on Hojlund to prevent Atalanta’s double. Last five minutes of the half, one recovery time. Atalanta corner, last emotion, nothing done: everyone in the locker room. Resume. Started with the 1 to 1 accrued in the first. Usual tactical theme: Atalanta keeps the ball of the game, Verona waiting for the right opening defends but Montipò, unbelievable, gets it all wrong: he tries dribbling on Pasalic who steals the ball from him 2 meters from the goal and makes the lead. What to say to Montipò, decisive on one, ten, 50 occasions in saving the Gialloblù goal? This one was not needed for the Veronese, Dea’s public in raptures for the comeback despite the absence of the Curva Nord closed for racist chants in the match against Juventus. After the disadvantage, Verona tries to react, Atalanta attentive. Atalanta drops the hat trick with Hojlund, who slots into the Verona net. Roll of substitutions, we head into the second half. Depaoli tries, orobic rearguard is there. As on the initiative of Verdi, newcomer in the Gialloblù who try everything to stay in the game. Half hour of play, Atalanta continues to lead 3 to 1. Hellas tries but finds a wall in front. Gasperini’s boys are managing the lead, aware of the importance in key-Europe of a possible success against Zaffaroni’s Verona. 36′: sensational cross by Sulemana, Hellas as well unlucky. Two minutes later here is the second Verona post, equally clamorous. Two chances to reopen the match, ended on the woodwork of the Atalanta goal.Triple whistle: Atalanta-Verona 3 to 1.

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