Napoli-Inter, Simone Inzaghi’s regrets.

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Inter, Simone Inzaghi’s regrets.

Taken from the Nerazzurri’s official website here are the statements of Inter coach Simone Inzaghi after the 3-1 defeat at the Maradona against Italian champion Napoli.

“There is great regret because in the first half we had played a good game, without conceding too much to Napoli and in the second half I knew we would have more space. Unfortunately, we committed a naivety on the occasion of the sending off that we paid dearly for. I have nothing to reproach the boys for because in the second half we equalized in ten and then, however, there was a eurogoal by Di Lorenzo. It is a defeat that slows us down, but the team showed it was there. We did what we had to do.”

“Clearly there is some disappointment because we were coming from eight wins and we knew we were facing Napoli, the Italian champions. After the equalizer we immediately got the 2-1 goal. Once we equalized we should have tried to take it home because it would have been a very important point.”

“It’s good to have the trust of the club. There are four matches to go, two of which are two finals. It is a path of growth because in the second year it is the fifth final for us and these finals are very useful for the team to grow further.”

“Lukaku is very well, as are all his teammates. In the last two months he has returned to being the Romelu we know and I am using him along with all the other strikers who are doing just as well. Today was the fifteenth game in fifty days. I need the whole staff because we had an impossible schedule, but I had very good responses from all the guys.”

“On the Champions League final against City? We know they are one of the strongest teams in Europe. We will not start off beaten and we will go to play our final. First, however, we should play the two league games and the Italian Cup final.”

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