Paolo Savoldelli crushes the big boys in the 2023 Giro d’Italia

©Getty Images

The words of Paolo Savoldelli

Paolo Savoldelli to the Gazzetta dello Sport was direct. “Do I like this Giro d’Italia? No. It’s not nice to see the breakaway coming all the time. Here the so-called big guys don’t move. Once there is wind, the next time they are afraid of Evenepoel, in short on the Roncola they were side by side. I don’t understand. Let’s hope they don’t do that on the Bondone as well.”

“Evenepoel killed them morally at the first time trial, all right, but it wasn’t a given that he would win. The strong ones are strong and are equipped with their teams, evidently they think they can wait for the grand finale, that is, the time trial. But it’s the riders immediately behind them that I don’t understand, the average ones: why don’t they do anything? I would try, at most you take a dolly and jump through the air. What is the alternative? Stay in a water bath until the end? If you know Thomas and Almeida are going to break away from you on the climb, what are you waiting for?”

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