Champions, Europa League and Conference: what happens with the Coppa Italia at Inter.

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An Italian final that will also have consequences for the European Cup race.

Coppa Italia to Inter, while Fiorentina is left high and dry. The final at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome gives a title to the Nerazzurri and deprives the Viola of the success that has been missing since 2001, but the consequences do not end there. And their effects will also be seen on Serie A, and on the teams chasing participation in the upcoming Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Already certain of a place in Europe, by winning the Coppa Italia Inter deprived Fiorentina of earning the right to participate in the next Europa League. This brings down by one all the positions valid to qualify for next season’s cups: in fact, now fifth and sixth place in Serie A guarantee participation in the Europa League (currently it would be Atalanta and Roma who would benefit), while seventh-placed Juventus would start in the Conference League. But so much could still change.

Inter, Roma and Fiorentina can in fact still win their respective European finals, with possible further effects on the standings. By winning the Champions League, in fact, the Nerazzurri could afford even a fifth-place finish to center the top continental competition. A right that the Capitoline formation would also have if they win the Europa League.

Italian successes in Europe could thus qualify five Serie A teams for the next Champions League. No more, however: if Inter and Roma also triumphed in their respective finals by missing out on the race for fourth place, it would be the fourth-place finishers themselves who would have to settle for the Europa League. Then if Fiorentina also won the Conference League, they would earn qualification to the second continental competition, and next year there would be no Italian in the Conference.

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