Lecce, Marco Baroni expresses all his satisfaction

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Lecce, Marco Baroni expresses his satisfaction

Here are the words of Lecce coach Marco Baroni on the eve of tomorrow night’s last league game at the Via del Mare against Bologna.

“In these days there was time to rejoice and to reflect, we knew it was a difficult championship, we had a young team, full of rookies for this category and for 38 games we were never in the last three places. I say this just to clarify, because it is time to give proper credit to this team. They have always worked hard and they will work hard tomorrow as well: the boys have always given everything, to the staff and to themselves. And to the fans, above all. It was not at all a given, but these boys have been wonderful in that very respect.”

“Tomorrow is a celebration but there is a game in between. I am convinced that my boys will not disappoint, because this passage is also a growth phase. I expect this tomorrow as well, we want to take the field with commitment and seriousness as we have done so far. “The professional balance is positive, all together we have made a good path, it was not obvious to win already last year. Bold choices have been made in the last two years and we have worked with great conviction. My future? There will be time and space to do the reflections, let’s think about finishing the championship. There are loyal people here, with the director we have always confronted each other, even bickering: but I went on the way I thought was best, my future is not an issue.”

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