F1, Lewis Hamilton speaks out on Ferrari hypothesis

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Lewis Hamilton categorical

The chances of seeing Lewis Hamilton at the wheel of Ferrari in the F1 World Championship, before the Briton’s career in the top open-wheel series comes to a close, are getting more and more distant, at least according to the latest statements on the subject made, during an interview with ‘Dazn’, by the seven-time world champion himself.

“Racing in F1 with Ferrari? It was never a dream, because when I was young my model was Ayrton Senna,” he said. “More than red, my dream was red and white, the colors of McLaren at the time. I understand, however, how iconic Ferrari is, I am passionate about the brand myself and I have a Rossa at home.”

“What is circulating about the future is just rumors, normal speculation that you do when you are in renewal negotiations. I also see it as a positive thing,” Hamilton added, on the sidelines of a weekend that saw him finish second in the Spanish Grand Prix.

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