Roma, Jose Mourinho’s move to bring Marco Verratti to Giallorossi

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A major maneuver to place a major market hit.

Marco Verratti enters the orbit of Roma. He does so thanks to Jose Mourinho, who, according to reports on Sunday by the ‘Corriere della Sera’ in its online version, has reportedly moved personally to convince the PSG director to move to the Giallorossi.

Sources in Via Solferino explain that Mourinho would even have personally phoned Verratti to try to test the ground for a possible move to Roma. The negotiation at the moment could materialize only on a loan basis, thanks in part to the Capitolini’s good relations with PSG. More problematic is finding a square on the Abruzzese director’s salary, which is decidedly high.

Verratti, who has never played in Serie A in his entire career, has been a PSG player since as far back as 2012. Never more than at this stage, however, does he seem close to saying goodbye to Ligue 1 and France. “An Italian sooner or later thinks about going home, he always wants to come back. I can’t say it’s not like that for him. Now they are all focused on finishing the season then some evaluations will be made,” his prosecutor told the microphones of ‘’ in late May.

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