Verona, Setti takes stock of the situation on club sale and market

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Setti takes stock of the situation

No suitable proposal for the purchase of Hellas Verona. Clear the message of President Setti in the aftermath of the painful salvation in A after the play-off with Spezia that relegated the Ligurians. The Gialloblù number one, who this year celebrated his 12th season at the Verona club, 9 of which were in Serie A, swept away rumors of an imminent sale of Verona in a press conference. “Several phone calls arrive at the headquarters, but in order to understand their veracity we have commissioned an institute to screen possible proposals that do not exist at the moment.”

The same president confirmed sporting director Sean Sogliano, who arrived at Hellas’ bedside last November when the Gialloblù had just 5 points and 10 defeats with Cioffi on the bench at the start of the season and the successor Bocchetti, who was later joined by Zaffaroni as he holds a Serie A license. If Sogliano, formerly Setti’s ds a few seasons ago, signed a contract until 2026, the president thanked and said goodbye to the other ds, Marroccu who arrived last season. As for the numbers, “Verona makes 53, 54 million euros annually,” said Setti, who added, “With 10 million more, salvation would be quiet every season.”

As for the market, neither Setti nor Sogliano have given an opinion even though a buying campaign linked primarily to sales and then proceeding to purchases is looming: above all defender Hien and striker Ngonge, each valued between 6 and 7 million euros. By the end of the week the knot of the coach will be untied: the reconfirmation of the Bocchetti-Zaffaroni pair is not excluded.

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