Premier League calls Federico Chiesa, Juventus resists

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The English biggies keep calling, the Old Lady holds out for now.

Juventus at the center of interest from the Premier League and beyond, with European soccer bigwigs knocking for the Bianconeri bigwigs even if for now nothing is moving. In particular, it is Federico Chiesa who could soon change jersey and league, although Liverpool for now does not seem willing to go along with the Piedmontese club’s demands. At the same time, however, he does not intend to let go.

‘La Stampa,’ in its Saturday edition, reiterates the existence of an interest that had been talked about in previous days. The negotiation at the moment does not take off, mainly because of the distance between demand and offer. Juventus, according to the Turin newspaper, values Chiesa at no less than 60 million, while Liverpool is reportedly stuck at 40 for now.

Another name in the balance at Juventus is that of Dusan Vlahovic, toward whom, however, no equally concrete offers have yet arrived. On the subject of the incoming market, however, ‘La Stampa’ returns to the subject of Thomas Partey. The Ghanaian midfielder can arrive by paying Arsenal 20 million and, at this point, no longer seems so linked to the possible departure of Adrien Rabiot.

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