Marcelo Brozovic, the mystery continues

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Marcelo Brozovic, the mystery continues

In the last few hours the Marcelo Brozovic case has suddenly erupted. It seemed that the Croatian midfielder was now close to leaving inter, convinced by Al-Nassr’s pharaonic offer. Instead suddenly everything came to a standstill, as a result the Nerazzurri still cannot close with Sassuolo for Davide Frattesi.

In Saudi Arabia, there is optimism about Brozovic’s arrival even though yesterday on social media the Croatian, joking but not too much, mentioned 50 million, instead of the 20 offered, as the figure for leaving European soccer. And since the transfer will cost relatively little, 23 million, Brozovic would like to increase his salary to the maximum possible.

And today Brozovic posted a story on Instagram with which he continues to joke, if not downplay, his future: “Something is about to happen, stay tuned,” adding three emoji with laughter. And shortly thereafter he posted a picture of Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface and the caption, “The world is yours.”

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