Genoa, Andres Blazquez unveils two new signings

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The words of Andres Blazquez

Genoa’s CEO Andres Blazquez spoke to the microphones of Sky Sport on the sidelines of the event to present the Grifone’s new game jerseys for next season.

“The striker? We are working on 3 or 4 very interesting options, but it takes time to close and I hope to give some news in the coming weeks,” he stressed. “Zanoli is a very good player. Martin and Leali I think both are here on Monday. They will be our first signings. Then it is very important to say that we convinced Strootman to stay, and it was not as easy as you maybe think but for us it is a big blow to have Kevin who gives us so much. Milan Badelj stays, he gives us continuity and stability. The great professionalism of both of them, which is very important to make the players who arrive understand what the DNA of Genoa is.”

“Many requests came to us, we had to let Semper go, mainly because a goalkeeper as good as him has to develop his career path and in Como I am sure he will do well. He is a great guy and goalkeeper and I wish him the best,” he added on the exit chapter.

“Tenth or 15th place? There is no official goal, the goal is to make a competitive team. Whether we finish 15th or seventh I don’t know, but we aim to do the best we can,” Blazquez concluded.

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