Lorenzo Sonego: “The interruption? I was playing against a friend.”

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Lorenzo Sonego: “The interruption? I was playing against a friend.”

Lorenzo Sonego in a press conference after the knockout with Matteo Berrettini talked about the early interruption decided on Tuesday night, when both tennis players wanted to stop earlier than the other matches because of the slippery grass: “Matteo was afraid of getting hurt, I fell down several times, and in the end we agreed on interrupting. Perhaps, that wasn’t the best thing for me because I could have taken advantage of his uncertainties, but in the end I was playing against a friend and at the same time it didn’t even make sense to risk getting hurt,” are the words reported by Ubitennis.

Sonego praised Berrettini: “Compared to the first day he has grown a lot and that is a great quality of his. Already yesterday his level had risen and today you can’t say he played badly…. He won because he was the best.”

“I would have preferred to have crossed paths with him later in the tournament because his value is much higher than his current ranking,” Sonego continued. “Matteo is a top-10 player on grass and can read situations like few others. However, I take away from this challenge a lot of positive things because I played on par with him and it was a match that was decided on three/four points.”

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