Ducati, Ciabatti drastic on Honda-Marc Marquez crisis

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Ducati, Ciabatti drastic on Honda-Marc Marquez crisis

Ducati sport director Paolo Ciabatti in an interview with Corriere dello Sport analyzed the difficulties of the Japanese bikes, which lag far behind the Borgo Panigale stable, which with rare exceptions is dominating the MotoGp World Championship.

“Honda has trusted Marquez for too long. Marc’s talent has made up for the shortcomings of the RC213V and development has suffered,” are Ciabatti’s words.

For Yamaha, the talk is similar: “He did the same with Quartararo. Probably the evolution of the M1 has lagged behind. We, on the other hand, do not think exclusively of Bagnaia. The Desmosedici is the fruit of the voice of all the riders. Taking it to the highest level is possible and, I stress, Ducati will avoid living in the present.”

On the eight Ducati bikes on the grid: “In an ideal championship, I would like there to be six manufacturers and each one to field four bikes. Unfortunately, now there are five manufacturers, and in a free market logic, independent teams have the right to turn to whomever they want. The Ducati package is technically interesting, because it is competitive and directly supported by our engineers. The prices are reasonable: eight Desmosedicis out of a fixed twenty-two suggest excellent product development strategies.”

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