Alex Marquez extols Ducati: “It has things that don’t exist in Honda.”

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As a newcomer, words of high praise come for Borgo Panigale.

Alex Marquez moved to Ducati in 2023, after an entire career spent between KTM, Kalex and especially Honda. These first months, however, he has experienced the very high level reached by the Borgo Panigale factory, and he spoke about it in no uncertain terms in an interview granted to Manuel Pecino.

“Ducati has no weak points. I’m not able to identify a specific feature that makes it better, because the whole package makes it what it is,” Marquez explained. “Maybe there can be a little more suffering in the corners, but we do very well in braking, acceleration, stability. To do well in MotoGP you need the whole set, not just a good engine but how you match it with the rest.”

There is also an additional aspect that has impressed Marquez greatly since his arrival at Ducati: “Dall’Igna and the rest of the team come and talk to you after every free practice session. They listen to you and note everything down, and this is an aspect that impressed me a lot. In Honda this did not exist, even during the Valencia test he came to the pits three times. And besides hearing what you have to say, he also gives you ideas. And he does that with everyone.”

“Even if you race for a satellite team, the treatment is the same as the others,” Marquez continued about the climate at Ducati. “You can race on equal terms, and that makes it so that you don’t need to try to get to the factory team. You just need to be comfortable in the team, and find that official bike for your team.”

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