Napoli, new ds warns everyone about Osimhen

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Napoli, new ds warns everyone about Osimhen

Napoli’s new sporting director Mauro Meluso in a press conference took stock of the Azzurri market, and Osimhen’s possible farewell: “I just arrived. What I knew before, I read in the newspapers. What I know today is that if we can keep him, it’s a great thing. He is a difference maker, there are few like him. Any issues we will know slowly, working together with everyone. Any decisions will be collegial.”

On Kim’s replacement: “From Monday we will start with meetings and planning for the future. Before me, no one has been sitting on their hands. Certainly Kim is a player who will have to be replaced and we will work on that.”

On expiring players: “I would keep them all. Then you need to go and view the internal dynamics. From the outside it’s easy to think that nothing should be changed, but there are dynamics that affect so many aspects.”

On his “cheering” and ironic mention of Giuntoli: “The president did not ask me what team I cheer for. But I have never cheered for Juve. I played in A with Lazio and Cremonese, but I don’t have a particular tifo. I root for the team I work for.”

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