Alvaro Morata’s future: the yellow continues

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The Spaniard would like to return to Italy: three options on the table

These days, valuable strikers are precious commodities. Morata is one of those center forwards you can always rely on. He has been going in double figures in goals, continuously, since the 2014/15 season, his first in bianconero.

Now owned by Atletico Madrid, the 1992-born Spaniard would be ready to return to Italy. In fact, he would suit several teams. In particular, Inter, Milan and Roma would be on his trail. Inter, burned by the abrupt termination of negotiations with Lukaku, knows that Morata could be the ideal solution. Together with Martinez and Thuram, he could do wonders.

Watch out also for Milan, which has been flirting with the Spaniard for quite some time. Finally, there would be Roma with Morata who would return to play with Dybala (they did well together at Juventus). The real problem seems to be the salary, definitely high, that the Spaniard receives. We are talking about just over 10 million euros per season. Probably, if he really wants to return to Italy, he will have to make a major sacrifice. At those figures, none of the three interested Italian teams could satisfy him. The coming days will be decisive to see how the Morata telenovela will end. The yellow continues but the solution of the case should not be very far away.

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