Casey Stoner shock: “MotoGp ridiculous, str…te to be eliminated”

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Casey Stoner shock: “MotoGp ridiculous, str…te to be eliminated”

Former Ducati and Honda world champion Casey Stoner returns to harshly attack technological advancement in MotoGp: “If I could, I would make several changes to this MotoGP. The fins should be eliminated, as should the holeshot devices. The traction control should be reduced to the bare minimum, as should the anti-pinch. At least half of these str…te should be eliminated,” are the words reported by The-Race.

The Australian rider believes there are too many electronics: “It looks like a clone war, all the brands have to copy each other and go in the same direction. It used to be that each bike had its own characteristic. There should be a 10-year cap on regulatory changes so that the Manufacturers can catch up with the others.”

MotoGp is too level for the Australian, who notes how it is more difficult to overtake: “Now riders can only try to brake as late as possible, forcing on the front but risking big crashes because of how hard they push in the corners. There are now more electronics in MotoGP than in F1.”

“It’s really ridiculous the spectacle of this new era,” Stoner continued. “All these electronic aids I find stupid. They should be there just to ensure safety, not for competition.”

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