Simone Anzani has had it rough: “I am reborn.”

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Simone Anzani has had it rough

Simone Anzani has literally been reborn after several weeks of apprehension over a heart issue. The volleyball world supported him by respecting his privacy but making their affection felt, starting with his teammates and Lube Volley executives. Now that the scare is over, the athlete recounts the difficult weeks he experienced almost a month after one of the best days of his life, his marriage to Carolina. The Como-born athlete had to deal with a sudden stop imposed by Coni doctors for a suspected heart discomfort. A cold shower that took place last June 26 and kicked off a period of uncertainty and legitimate fear on the health, family and work front. The anguish is behind us; everything has been resolved in the best way possible.

“I took part in the VNL leg in the Netherlands and underwent the ritual examinations at the Coni in the pre-Olympic year. During the stress test, arrhythmias occurred. The doctors stopped me to perform further checks. The first steps were a Holter and an MRI, but further investigation was needed. The best course was a minor surgery that might also have required ablation. Everything went smoothly!” he clarified.

“I found great professionals,” added Anzani. “I take this opportunity to thank once again Professor Antonio Dello Russo and Professor Michela Casella, with their team. I also felt pampered by the federal doctor Piero Benelli and Lube’s medical director Mariano Avio. The former could not be present, but he was in constant contact with the club doctor. I also found maximum availability from Armando Gozzini, the general manager of the university hospital company. I got by with mapping and an electrophysiological study. The feared problems were not revealed, while the values were in the normal range.”

“I received beautiful testimonies of solidarity at all levels, from players, Chicco Blengini, Fabio Giulianelli, Simona Sileoni, Albino Massaccesi and Beppe Cormio, federal representatives, fans and even opponents. Eugenio Gollini and Angelo Lorenzetti also contacted me. The volleyball world was really close to me,” the conclusion of the Larian athlete.

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