Franco Morbidelli, revelation about Valentino Rossi and the Academy.

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Franco Morbidelli on Valentino Rossi: “It makes me realize that I still have potential.”

Yamaha centaur Franco Morbidelli in an interview with Autosport talked about the support that the VR46 Academy and Valentino Rossi himself are giving him in these complicated years with the Japanese team.

“The best thing about the Academy is that Vale and the other guys are constantly challenging you. You grow with it and get through the difficult stages better. You become a better person and a better rider.” Valentino Rossi in particular keeps the bar high in training and motivation: “In training Vale challenges me on everything. Even though he has retired he remains very competitive. This is true both in training with the kart and with the R1. He is very competitive in everything, as he has always been in his racing career.”

A champion’s attitude and mentality that is allowing the Roman centaur to look ahead and with confidence in the most difficult moments: “During the training at the Ranch, I saw that I still had potential, and this helped me a lot in the difficult moments of last year.”

“When I was at home, I felt I was my usual Franky self. I was fast in every situation. I try to improve things that are not so easy for me. I want to figure out what I can do better and improve in the things I think I’m already good at.”

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