Torino, Davide Vagnati sheds light on the market.

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The words of ds Davide Vagnati

Torino sporting director Davide Vagnati spoke in a press conference from the Pinzolo retreat, shedding light on the market, starting with the hottest topic: Samuele Ricci. “His situation is very simple, it is normal that he is being watched: he is a top guy, he is young, he is on the national team’s tour and it is normal that there is attention from clubs. Fortunately, the president does not need to necessarily sell players, we evaluate everything together with the boys and together with the coach. There are no special needs, we evaluate everything and will try to do the best we can. The goal is a competitive team. There has been an interest for sure, but at the moment we have not considered it. Ricci is an important player in Toro now and in the future. Then Tonali also left Milan, anything can happen.”

Same goes for Schuurs: “What was said for Ricci is worth Schuurs. Are we going to give up one big guy? You can’t say that because maybe no one will leave since we don’t need to give up anyone because otherwise we won’t make it to the end. We are lucky enough to say, “You want Ricci and then it takes the right things otherwise Ricci stays here.” We don’t want to give Ricci away because he is a strong player and I would like to see him together with Ilic this year. It took us a long time to have such a pair.”

Tameze seems close: “All done? Until it is announced in soccer … He comes to complete the characteristics of the midfield because he is a different player from Ilic, Ricci, Linetty and Gineitis. He has different characteristics and we wanted to meet the demands of our coach, plus we were lucky enough to have eventually picked up a player who has also been a defender in certain situations and this opens up so many other possibilities for us.”

“He is an important player, he did well last year and in previous years. He had arrived very young and is still young, he also has some interest and we are evaluating together with him and his entourage what is best for everyone. We are evaluating with great serenity. He is a very good guy who has earned everything through work so he deserves respect and we will see what happens in the coming weeks,” he concluded on Singo.

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