Inter-Lukaku, Moratti’s dig at Juve

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Inter-Lukaku, Moratti’s dig at Juve

Former Inter president Massimo Moratti bluntly commented on the Lukaku situation: “It’s normal that Juve likes him. Damaging Inter is one of the goals of the Bianconeri, but the fans are angry with the player, it was his decision and it upset the Interisti.”

“I did not expect a situation like this,” Moratti continued in an interview with Sportpaper. “Who would I like for the attack? No preference but it will depend on the will and needs of the coach and maybe he will choose a player useful to the maneuver. Difficult to find one with Lukaku’s characteristics.”

A thought on Mauro Icardi: “It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Argentine play, certainly the Icardi of the past I would see him well and I would have taken him.”

Onana’s farewell: “In today’s soccer unfortunately the economic side counts a lot, these are situations related more to the economic side than the technical side.”

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