Juventus farewell Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata: “Thank you.”

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On its official website, Juve said goodbye to the two strikers

Juventus on its official website has said goodbye to Paulo Dybala and Alvaro Morata, who are leaving the Bianconeri club: “He arrived who was a young and talented promise – is the dedication to Dybala -, and now he says goodbye to Juve bringing with him baggage of experiences that have made him the champion he is; Paulo Dybala’s career will in fact continue away from Turin. It was said, a baggage built together, in these 7 years. A baggage that for Paulo is made up of 293 appearances, 115 goals, 45 assists and no less than 12 titles won.Numbers, which if delved into, tell a lot of things: for example, Paulo holds the ninth place all-time in the list of top scorers in Juventus’ history, considering all competitions; he is the tenth best scorer in Serie A, third all-time Bianconero in Europe, with 18 goals scored in the Champions League. And always speaking of goals, two firsts: Dybala is the player who has scored the most times (68) at Allianz Stadium, considering all competitions and he is the Bianconero who has scored the most goals from outside the box (25) in Serie A.”

“A great journey, the one we lived together, made not only of goals and victories, but of great plays, unforgettable nights, performances of absolute quality. And for all this we will always thank him.Good luck, indeed, suerte, Joya!”

This is the farewell to Morata: “Alvaro Morata’s adventure at Juventus comes to an end. The Spanish striker, on loan from Atletico Madrid for the past two seasons, says goodbye to the Bianconeri colors for the second time. The bond between Alvaro and Juve was born many years ago and the experiences they had together, which led to two Scudetti, two Italian Cups and a Super Cup, as well as the path to the Champions League final in Berlin in 2015, meant that it became so solid that it did not break even when their paths parted for the first time. It was June 21, 2016, but that goodbye that might have seemed like a farewell was nothing more than a goodbye.”

“Thus, four years later, Alvaro’s second adventure with Juventus began. We had said goodbye to a young man with a future all to be written, a man with so much experience on his shoulders returned to Turin, ready to re-embrace a past that had never really been forgotten in order to experience more unforgettable moments. His second first season with Juve ended with a haul of twenty goals in all competitions and two more trophies won together: the Coppa Italia and the Italian Super Cup. With Alvaro giving his all in every single game, in every training session, with the will to help the team at any time. Willpower that we have also seen in this year, where he has scored twelve more goals, reaching, in total, fifty-nine with the Juventus jersey. The last one will remain the beautiful one scored at the Allianz Stadium against Lazio last May 16 in his last appearance in the Juventus jersey. Good luck in your future, Alvaro. And thank you for everything.”

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