NFL, Washington franchise sold for 6.05 billion

©Getty Images

Lead man of the cordate billionaire Harris, a former Redskins fan

That’s all the talk in the United States. By now, the purchase (agreement found some time ago, unveiling last July 21 in Landover, Maryland), by a syndicate headed by billionaire Harris, of the Washington Commanders, one of the NFL’s historic fringes. A stratospheric deal, considering that the now former owners (Dan and Tanya Snyder) sold the franchise for a record $6.05 billion.

It is the most expensive deal in the history of the sport. It surpassed the previous record that belonged to Wolton who, last year, shelled out a whopping $4.65 billion to acquire the Denver Broncos, another NFL franchise of great history and prestige.

Also participating in the race that led to the purchase of the Washington Commanders was Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic, now an entrepreneur of great quality. Harris, the lighthouse of this operation, was clear: “To the fans present around the world, I can simply promise that we will do great work, we will create the culture of American football, and we will make the necessary investments for this team and for Washington.” It should be noted that billionaire Harris is, all along, a huge fan of the former Redskins. To date, the Washington franchise has won the Super Bowl three times, most recently back in 1992. It is incumbent on the new owners to try to bring an NFL title back to the city of Washington.

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