Gregorio Paltrinieri changes his plans

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The words of Gregorio Paltrinieri

Gregorio Paltrinieri, on the sidelines of the World Fencing Championships in Milan, spoke to Eurosport, about his rainbow event in swimming: “The experience was more disappointing than rewarding for me: I had two good races and the gold in the very important relay was a wonderful race and also good with the silver in the 5 km; for everything else I lacked, some preparation and it showed in the races and the condition was not right to compete, so I had to come back earlier. I am sorry to give up one race, the 1500 that will be there tomorrow, but I was totally drained of energy at this point and we decided to come back. These days I will have to do some analysis because I was not well. The reason I came back earlier is this: to speed up the time in doing the analysis and see what comes out.”

On giving up the 1500 freestyle: “It was very painful, I didn’t even want to come back and I would have stayed there without competing, but I have to do examinations and I want to speed up the recovery time. I’m following the races and I wish my teammates the best of luck.”

“Where does the decision to reduce the number of races come from? I still think I’m the strongest when I’m doing well, I haven’t proven it, but we were able to win with the relay and I finished second in the 5k coming within a stone’s throw of Wellbrock. It’s also been a bit of an unlucky year, but I think I can do it. Maybe I need to pace my energy, if I’m in the right situation I can do it. In the pool I should get my turns right and become faster, the pool requires that. Instead I have to devote myself to the bottom as well, it’s time for choices. I will choose for next year what to take to Paris, after Paris I think the pool is unthinkable. Cross-country gives you a way to train differently. Swimming goes forward and progresses, in times. Even in the 800m I did, they ran away from me right away and that was a problem.”

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