Simone Vagnozzi reveals how Jannik Sinner will change

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The words of Simone Vagnozzi

Simone Vagnozzi talked about Jannik Sinner’s future with Corriere della Sera: “Jannik will never become the English Evans, who plays 150 slice a game. He used to play three, now maybe he will get to ten. In practice we try it, but out of the game it’s all easier: certainly the back is not a natural shot for Jannik, incorporating it into his game is part of a process, it will take time. He is so used to coming in with the two-handed backhand glide on the recovery that it is now an automatism. The back is more difficult for him for that reason as well.”

“Clearly, fast is his ideal surface: the bounce is always the same, it helps a rhythm and pressure player like Jannik. But I don’t see red as a technical issue for Sinner. On clay he has shown he can do well: twice in the quarters in Paris, the semifinal at the Monte Carlo Masters 1000 … Rome was a fluke.”

Closing remark on physique: “Will Sinner become more robust, muscular, big? Without exaggerating. We’re not going to distort him. But the speed of tennis is increasing and physically you have to be bridges all the time. The average level has gone up: if you’re not at the top, you can lose to lower ranked players. Humanly, how have you seen him change in the year and a half you’ve been working together? I met him who was no longer in rookie, he was already top 10. The pressures were already there, tennis was already serious for him. I would say that apart from the period between Rome and Paris, when he didn’t enjoy himself, he is more smiling and talkative on the court: he is becoming more … Italian. Before he had no expressions. I, who see him every day, guarantee: he knows how to have fun, he knows how to be with people, he is respectful to everyone, and in daily life he is less serious than he appears in the game. It’s just that everyone expects something from him, and expectations are never easy to manage. Especially at the age of 21. The most difficult challenge is not to win the first tournament, but the second, the third, the fourth… But Jannik has one virtue: he learns quickly.”

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