Federico Pasquini enjoys the new Sassari

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The words of Federico Pasquini

Sassari General Manager Federico Pasquini took stock of the situation on “La Nuova Sardegna”: “We opted for an aggressive strategy right away, because this allows you to take players who really see Dinamo not as a fallback, but as an opportunity to make the last leap in their career, or at least to maintain a good standard. This year in Serie A there will be 10-12 players who have come through here, and this is a heavy signal for those who sign for us now. Seriousness, economic guarantees, being able to live in a good reality, but above all the prospect of a future for your career count. Sassari gives it.”

“In the Bucchi management two aspects have counted a lot. The first is the role of the point guard: Robinson’s performance in the first year and Dowe’s in the second year were the key to great winning streaks, hence the decision to start with directors. The second aspect is the need to always have two playmakers on the court: the Dowe-Robinson experiment went well as long as injuries did not hold it back, but Robinson-Gentile and Dowe-Gentile at certain times of the season also performed well. This time we bet on Whittaker-Tyree/ Cappelletti-Gentile, more strength the first play, more energy the other, more electricity the first guard, more thinking the second.”

Diop chapter: “On the fact that Ousmane stayed in Sassari, the biggest credit goes to Stefano Sardara. He could have capitalized with a buyout as often happens with expiring players and with so many offers, but from the very first moment he was great because keeping the bar straight he always put the technical project in front of everything and took into account Bucchi’s and my desire to ride the wave of a player in whom we believe so much. Why would I want to sign Diop? Because I think Sassari is a great club. It has won 6 trophies in 12 years, made the last two Scudetto semifinals in an Italian basketball in which the budgets of at least 5-6 teams have reached a really high level. It’s normal to cradle a certain kind of ambition.”

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