Juventus, Manuel Locatelli sets his sights high on a teammate

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The midfielder is ready for his third HCL season

Locatelli is looking forward to what will be his third season at Juventus. After a complicated year, there is a great desire to do well and bring the Old Lady back to where she deserves to be, which is at the top of the Italian league: “There is some regret because the Conference is still a European competition, however, I think it is an important step to close this issue and focus only on the field. This year we will have championship and Italian Cup, which are definitely two goals for us. Yes, I think we can talk about rebirth, because that’s how it has to be,” his clear words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The national team midfielder knows that Juventus must always fight to win. Not pointing to it as one of the favorites to win the Scudetto would be a mistake: “It is a goal we set ourselves even if we are in a rebuilding phase. It is fundamental to return to the Champions League because we want to play it again, then dreaming costs nothing.”

The former Sassuolo star points especially to a teammate, namely Chiesa who, at last, seems ready to take off after overcoming the aftermath of the nasty injury that kept him off the field for months: “Fede is too important for us, he has rips like a true champion, but he too must be helped by the team. He’s back to being well after the injury, he’s one of our best players and we’re betting a lot on him.”

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