Gianmarco Pozzecco sheds light on summonses

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Gianmarco Pozzecco open-hearted about Niccolò Melli

During an interview with the microphones of the “Corriere dello Sport,” the Italbasket head coach, among other topics, dwelt on the controversy he received after the convocations ahead of the 2023 Far East World Cup, scheduled from Aug. 25 to Sept. 10.

“Our profession contemplates two options. The first is to convince everyone that you are capable, perhaps by imposing your ideas. The second is to do your job well, preserving your identity and letting the facts speak for themselves. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I would like them to at least give us the benefit of the doubt. The players and I are clear on all the elements. I can say that the many exclusions from the roster are the result of discussion and sharing between myself and those left out. In my Italy there is a rule that more than individuals the team counts and in any case the final decision is up to me,” “Poz” began.

Afterwards coach Pozzecco spoke about the importance of Nicolò Melli within the roster: “I have Melli who is unique because he is able to do everything on the court and can cover every role. He transmits strength and serenity to me and teammates. He is unmatched, as he mixes talent and intelligence. When I say he is the strongest player in the history of our basketball, I am not joking. I am convinced that he will lead the way for the other long players, and as always it will be the team that will help each other in every inch of the court.”

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