Nicholas Melli now ponders his future

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The words of Nicolo Melli

Nicolò Melli told the Foglio about his new adventure as a podcaster: “I had already tried it in the Orlando bubble with the other Italians who were there locked up with me. There were Beli and Gallo as players; Scariolo and Fois as coaches and Zuretti for the NBA…. I had also done some Instagram feeds with Gigi that were liked. So, since these are his last games, I proposed to him to try again and he, who says he disagrees, gladly welcomed the idea. It all comes naturally to us. We are silly in our own right … we have fun and we will go on throughout the World Cup (Aug. 25-Sept. 10) avoiding recordings on game day.”

Retreat slowly approaching: “What I would like to do is to stop traveling so much and stay more with my family. Coaching? Maybe the boys. We’ll see. I don’t know if we will stay in Milan, go to Reggio Emilia or Germany where my wife was born. We haven’t thought about it, but we will certainly make a choice that can make my wife feel fulfilled. So far she has set aside her ambitions to follow mine, then it will be my turn. I don’t know if I have made the right choices because there is a lack of counterevidence, but I am certainly happy with where I am now. And in any case I will be forever grateful to Matteo Comellini, who more than an agent is a friend.”

“In my opinion it is right to think that I can still improve. I go to the gym every day to try to improve myself. It is clear that from a physical point of view I don’t have a big margin, but technically and tactically you can always learn something, as well as in off-field management which is a fundamental aspect to improve a player. Playing 4 or 5 doesn’t matter to me. I care about winning. I would rather play as a 5 and win than play as a 4 and lose, although I don’t think I would lose playing as a 4…”

He closed on EA7 Emporio Armani Milano, “a club that is as close to the NBA as you can find in Europe. I never had the impression of déjà-vu. at Olimpia everything improves year after year.”

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