Eddie Jordan shows the way to Ferrari

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Eddie Jordan’s words

Eddie Jordan spoke again during the Formula For Success podcast, “If I were in charge of Ferrari I would obviously try to emulate what happened in the days of Michael Schumacher who brought figures like Rory Byrne and Pat Symonds to Maranello. There are certainly brilliant engineers in Ferrari who are able to design great engines and great cars, but it is the finer details that make a race car successful. That’s the difference.”

“It is a brilliant stable, but they are ‘different’ in Maranello. The lunch break lasts an hour and a half and you have to deal with different ‘whims.’ At the turn of the 1990s Ferrari came back big with John Barnard, the car was 90 percent made in Britain, and in Ferrari they have to think about going back to that method.”

Juan Pablo Montoya in an interview with Semana’s ii compatriots went as wild as he once did at the tracks. “Verstappen is doing a great job right now, he looks as invincible as when Hamilton was winning everything, that’s the reality. Max is a very good driver, but for now he has the best car. Verstappen’s speed right now is not higher than it was two years ago, it’s probably the same. It’s just that the car is much faster.”

“Instead of Max, there are about seven or eight drivers who could be world champions with Red Bull. For example Perez, Hamilton, Sainz, Leclerc, Norris would be world champions. It is clear that if you are not a good driver it becomes difficult, because the better you are, the more chance you have to be in a good team. Norris, for example, is a very good driver and McLaren has improved a lot this year, but Lando would probably be world champion in Red Bull”-

Stiletto also for Lewis Hamilton: “It’s very nice to complain when you don’t win, but when he was winning he said the car gave him no advantage. Instead, Mercedes’ advantage was as big as what Red Bull has right now. I don’t want to say that Hamilton is not good, in fact he is a great driver. But the reality of the sport is that you have to be on the best car.”

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