Paolo Simoncelli finally smiles

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Paolo Simoncelli finally smiles

Paolo Simoncelli is finally smiling. “Even my wife got excited watching a race and that hasn’t happened in a long time,” he recounted. “I am satisfied with this English weekend, my riders came back more serene post break and were an added value to this already exciting moto3 race. Manfredi had an exaggerated race under roaring water.”

“Rossi was fourth in practice while Toba struggled more. In the race the last few laps they overtook each other several times getting in each other’s way and losing many positions and then in fact finishing 13th and 14th on the edge of the points zone but I can’t bring myself to be angry with them. On the contrary, I am pleasantly amazed by their performance and especially by their reaction when they came back to the pits, I finally saw them telling each other off, it was about time. I saw some healthy antagonism, the kind you don’t see anymore, the kind I like.”

“They showed that they can do overtaking the old-fashioned way…but if with the same intensity they did it to the others it would be better, we would finish the races a little bit ahead in the standings.”

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