Achille Polonara, the words already virtussino

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The words of Achille Polonara

Achille Polonara gave a long interview to the Newspaper, starting with the National Team: “A dream to live in first person. It’s not a done sentence, at least not for me. We want to have fun and entertain even at the Worlds. after coming close to a medal at the European Championships and returning to the Olympics after 17 years.”

“The Poz, who also coached me in Sassari, is unique. He is our big brother: for some people he is a madman who likes to exaggerate, in reality he is the man who makes us perform at our best. With him we are relaxed: on the court there are few rules to respect, but availability and sharing are never lacking.”

“Italy is tough, for sure. With some more than promising youngsters and the veterans who help them grow. We go to the World Cup to amaze: we don’t start off beaten against anyone, as we just proved by beating Serbia and Greece in friendly matches.”

Closing remark on Virtus Segafredo Bologna: “They had already looked for me several times, it is a Euroleague square where we eat bread and basketball: we will do well.”

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